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Welcome to First Christian Church

 We are called to be a church of grace and welcome to all!

Welcome to First Christian Church, Disciples of Christ in Ashland. We hope this site reflects the warmth, friendship, and spiritual growth of our faith community.

We are a church that seeks to connect people with
God and with one another. Our mission is to make passionate followers of Jesus Christ and we try to live out this mission by helping others to love God, to love one another, to accept that they are loved simply for who they are, and to show God's love to the world.

As Disciples, we celebrate an Open Communion Table each Sunday.   

No matter how or where you may regularly worship, or, what your gender, race, age or orientation may be…

All are invited to receive the Bread of Life and Cup of Hope.

Take a few moments to browse our site and learn
more about us.

Recent Updates

  • Thank You Auction Donors Our Auction on October 9th was a huge success, raising $679.50 for our After School Program, click here to see all of our donors

Upcoming Events

  • Oct 30th - Worship This Sunday at First Christian, we will be remembering the Saints who have gone on before us. Rich Pate will be sharing the scripture Matthew 5: 1-12. His message is titled “Remembering Our Blessed Saints”. A candle will be lit and a chime will be played for each person as they are remembered in this service. The second week in October we began our After School Program with the Middle School. This is our second year for this endeavor and we meet with these students each Wednesday.
  • Nov 6th - Practice for Ensemble of Voices Our ensemble will be singing for Thanksgiving and Christmas under the leadership of Lana Bell and Brian Nabors. We hope to have some new voices this year. Please consider joining us.
  • Nov 6th - Worship

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