Our Values

Christ Centered. God's Word is at the center of our life together and we believe
in the necessity of "new birth" in Christ.

Hands On. The pastor and staff are the leaders and the congregation Is the team.
The more ministry done by the congregation, the better. Each individual is expected
to discover and use their particular spiritual gifts.

Relational. Personal relationships are an important key to spiritual development.
We want to know each person who attends here and relate on a personal level.
Small groups and other ministries help make this happen.

Informal. We have a relaxed style of worship. There is no Sunday morning dress code.

Diverse. Our Christian beliefs allow us to welcome those with diverse backgrounds
to our congregation.

Unified in Christ. We partner with Christians of other denominations to advance
the cause of Christ.



How Can We Pray for You?

When you arise in the morning, think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive ~ To Breathe, To Think, To Enjoy, To Love.